Keys for Kids Daily Devotionals in the UK - God's story opening hearts

We are simply a family who has benefitted immensely from these materials and wish to make them as widely available as possible for others in the UK. Our aim in doing so is ultimately to bring glory to God. 

We are not an organisation and we receive no remuneration for this service. It is entirely voluntary. Some of our other avenues of service include reaching the homeless, drug addicts and alcoholics with the gospel, and Bible classes in prison and hostels. Being involved in this makes us more aware of the importance of preserving children from the influences that result in these types of life.

Please pray.....
We feel that the days in which we live are most dangerous for our children. For most of their early lives they are entrusted to a system of education which at worst is humanist and hostile to Christian things. At best the system teaches them that Christ and Christianity are only equal with all other religions and that to claim the LORD Jesus, as the only way to God is unreasonable. We need to do all that we can as Christian  parents to preserve our children for the LORD. These radio programmes are one way, but by far the most important factor is PRAYER. Please join with us in making the spiritual preservation of our children a special matter of prayer.

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