Children's Bible Hour UK CD Library & Keys for Kids Devotionals - God's story opening hearts
What's it all about?
In an age when the things of God are belittled and the atmosphere of life is materialism, humanism and atheism, it is our responsibility to bring the message of the Saviour to our children, who need to be preserved for the Lord in this world of the 21st Century. As Christian parents, we must use every God honouring opportunity to bring our children under the influence of the Word of God.

Several years ago, we became aware of an American Radio Programme called "Children's Bible Hour" produced by Keys for Kids Ministries, which seems to fit the need of the moment. We have received tremendous benefit for all our family.  Having enjoyed and benefited from CBH in our own home we desire to make these available to a wider audience in the UK with the full permission and cooperation of Keys for Kids Ministries in the United States.

What's on a Childrens Bible Hour (CBH) CD  
CBH is a wonderful resource which can be used in many ways for the spiritual benefit of all the family. Each episode aims to provide children with good, practical solid Bible teaching and seeks to point  them, not only, to an initial experience of the Lord Jesus as Saviour but to lead them on in Godly behaviour in every area of their lives.
Each CD contains two episodes. Each episode is thirty minutes long and contain great songs, scripture verses, sometimes quizzes, discussions and always an excellent story. They are particularly good for Believers' homes as they cover such subjects as assurance of salvation, family devotions, obeying parents, forgiveness, peer pressure etc. They are extremely enjoyable as well as profitable and are excellent for the home or car.

How the library works.
We have an extensive library on CD covering many years. How the library works is really simple.... Each family may borrow two CDs for as long as is felt necessary to derive maximum benefit. As soon as these are returned a further two CD's will be sent. Please contact us giving the ages of any children as we do try to match the CDs to the age of the children.

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